COVID-19, what it's meant for us...

What did COVID-19 mean to us at Mimoso? Short answer: A LOT!!!
Well, for me the owner, it meant that Mimoso became my soul source of income, the only job I held after my part-time job became unavailable due to the limitations/restrictions. It was no longer my hobby business but the only source of income to get my bills paid. Which honestly was a blessing for Mimoso + myself!
COVID-19 for Mimoso meant I needed to locate,create + ensure...


Exciting news for us here at Mimoso! As we start heading to the end of the year, we want to make as much a difference as we can to get the ball rolling for next year for hopefully even bigger things.
So to include you in on the new adventure, we have connected with Westcare located in Penrith, as they have a new project they are working very hard on called 1,000 Safe Sleeps.
This is giving the opportunity to the homeless in the area to sleep safe within a refurbished unit equipped with...

Bendecido de ser una bendición.

Blessed to be a Blessing.


When I was about 18, I used to drive back and forth to the city to pick up my sister who worked on George St (Sydney, NSW). I would wait for her till she finished work and would wait with a man named Keith.

Keith was homeless for the most part, if he had a bed to sleep on for the night at the shelter he called himself blessed, but most days he didn't have that. Keith was a kind soul, he was a very friendly man and had such a generous heart. I...


Mimoso is by it's name, someone who loves to be fussed over or made a big deal of and with Mimoso products, I hope to make a fuss over and big deal about everyone!

I have always had a dream of working for myself and doing something that I love that not only makes me content, where I wake up blessed to be doing what I do but also blesses others. So here is Mimoso, the perfect combination of creativity, bathroom products and so many smelly things!

Growing up, my dad used to do a lot of outreaches to the...