Golden Hearts is rightfully named as it is the driving force that powers the desire to go further and do better for not ourselves but for others!
We at Mimoso love and live by the quote, Bendecido de ser una bendición, meaning blessed to be a blessing. Contributing at least 10% of profits towards care packages for the homeless.
We love filling a bag of health care products including our Mimoso soap bars, face cloth, tooth paste, tooth brush, tissues, hand sanitizer and some warm socks for a little extra comfort.
So, with every purchase you make, you get to come along side of us to help others out with some of the basic essentials.
If you would like to contribute more towards the cause, open up the Golden Hearts in the collections page and purchase any of the items. All purchases in the Golden Hearts collection goes 100% towards the care packages with a mini golden heart for yourself to keep.
So keep an eye out on the blog and on social media to see what we are doing to better the community whom are homesless and require that little extra loving and care.
Bendecido de ser una bendición.