About us

So, what would you like to know?
Let's start with that all of our products are Palm oil free + Vegan friendly!
We don't test on animals + we love to give to the needy.
We love bath + shower products, love making a fuss about people but most of all we love making a fuss about you no matter how small the fuss may seem.
We are located in Western Sydney, selling online or at a Mimoso house party with on the day table sales & also orders made on the day.
The best part about your purchase from Mimoso is that not only do you get to order what you want to get but you also contribute towards health care packs for the homeless. We believe that everyone deserves to have the basics and are doing our best to get them passed along. Follow the page to Golden Heart and read up on all that is involved and how you can contribute also!
You can find us on Facebook (Mimoso) or also on Instagram (Mimoso_Syd).
Have fun ordering!