Mimoso is by it's name, someone who loves to be fussed over or made a big deal of and with Mimoso products, I hope to make a fuss over and big deal about everyone!

I have always had a dream of working for myself and doing something that I love that not only makes me content, where I wake up blessed to be doing what I do but also blesses others. So here is Mimoso, the perfect combination of creativity, bathroom products and so many smelly things!

Growing up, my dad used to do a lot of outreaches to the homeless in our local areas, he would buy warm food and hand it out to all who came around and spend time with people cheering them up and have a good time. I loved the selfless heart he had for others that were doing it tough. From my childhood I loved seeing the thankfulness on others hearts for things that we would often took for granted, common things that we could so easily have every day that they may only get once per week. As I grew up I found myself doing exactly what I saw my dad doing and buying warm foods for the homeless and taking the time out to talk to the people and offer a friendly meal and some snacks for later.

With this opportunity in my hands I get to use this as a stepping stone to reach out to more homeless people with some basic necessities with personal hygiene packs. To make these hygiene packs, I contribute 10% or more of profits towards these packs of every sold item to create something beautiful and unique. I hope to inspire others to reach out and bless others or get along side of Mimoso and contribute to making a difference, a fuss and big deal of everyone!

So, enjoy your shopping and stay blessed!



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