$40 Custom order gift pack
$40 Custom order gift pack

$40 Custom order gift pack

Regular price $40

We get a lot of demand for gift packs for various reasons, birthdays, mothers day, thank you, wedding, 'I LOVE YOU' pack, congratulations, supporting a friend/family member + so many other reasons.
This is how it works, you select the 'budget' + we work with that, very simple.
Your gift can include anything from our range + typically as much as we can pack in (most of the time going over budget for fun!)
Products may include: ranging from soaps, clays, scrubs, fizzy rubs, salts + candles, majority of what is in stock or readily available for creating.
Packaging: Bamboo box, large box in various shapes/sizes/colours
Wrapping: when the items do not fit flush in a box we will celo-wrap with ribbon + bows or shrink wrap.
Trust us on the wrapping + styling, we love the custom boxes to reflect excitement + style for the recipient!
If you have a theme/colour scheme or special requests you would like us to follow please follow up your order with an email to hello@mimoso.com.au
*image for example only, products vary between each pack.
$40 Custom order gift pack