Army Print

Army Print

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Fabric face masks are ever growing in our day and age to help slow and do our best to stop the spread of COVID-19. A face mask will provide added protection to you but also a lot to others.

The Mimoso fabric face masks are hand made (by us!) containing 3 layers of cotton fabrics with a 3-4mm elastic that loops behind the ears. No metal nose structure is used. We do our best to have stock readily available but as demand is high we may require a little turn around time.

We offer 4 sizes:

3-6 year old

7-11 year old

12-Adult (Men + Women)

XL Adult (LRG Men’s) Note that men do fit 12-Adult.

Care Instructions:

- Hand wash in cold-warm water, gently

- Use gentle cleaning agents

- Avoid direct heat to dry to prevent shrinking + changing the mask structure. Best drying position is to hang over itself on a coat hanger to help keep its curve and shape.

- It is said to wash after each use or up to 8hrs use.

- Do not share masks

- If the shape isn’t perfect after washing, take an iron to it to form it back into place.