Mimoso Pebble collection contains a range of soaps with various exfoliants throughout the soap. Help restore + hydrate, avoid dry, dull skin + feel fresher during the winter season.
The best advantage to using these pebbles is that you get to control the exfoliating medium while also cleaning with the soap. For example: apply less pressure + more water to lightly exfoliate or apply firmer with less water to exfoliate more deeply.
After use, alike many other exfoliants, apply your favourite lotion to add moisture + re-hydrate the skin.
The pebble collection offers:
Walnut Shell 
Pumice Stone
Australian Beige Clay
Shea Butter soap (no exfoliants)
Ingredients: Aqua(4035), sodium laurate, sodium stearate, shea butter oil, propylene glycol, glycerine(1710), sucrose(83), sorbitol(143), disodium EDTA, sodium hydroxide(458), olea europaea (olive) fruit oil, titanium dioxide. Walnut shell, pumice stone, Australian beige clay, fragrance. No added colours.