El Mimoso Pooch, or to translate "The Cuddly Dog" is a collection of healthy skin forward products for your dog.....and lets me honest, you can use it too!
All soaps in the EMP range is all natural, no fragrance oils, only use of dog safe essential oils, oils that benefit the skin + products that are Dog friendly.
I started creating this range as my Toy Poodle Lola has significantly sensitive skin, always itchy from grass + reacts with a rash to many products so this is our last defense for using products that cleans, calms + is great for highly sensitive skin.
With extensive research into what is good, bad + absolutely toxic to dogs, I've become even more aware of what is used for my girl + become even more passionate about ensuring products are safe + suitable for all.
- - -
As we are always PALM OIL FREE + VEGAN but have also made our super fat level much higher in these soaps which to explain will reduce the 'soap' + increase the oil content so that it's more suitable for sensitive skin, you'll find our soap bars to be a little bit softer than your regular-stegular bars!
To avoid it going into a moosh (which you can still use, just rub it in + it works fine!) dry your bar off after use + allow to dry in a cool dry environment.
Leaving your bar in the steamy hot shower will keep it turning into moosh.