Looking for a fun pass time? Something to get your creativity out without the worry of not having the right products?
We've created fun and simple DIY Kits perfectly designed to avoid over spending on too many ingredients, have the perfect amount to avoid waste and to be able to create your own pressie + gift it to someone special.
The Mimoso DIY Kits are designed for ages 5 years and above, with extra help younger may be able to assist, but we do suggest to use your own discretion on suitable use for your children.
- - -
WARNING: Packaging and elements of kits are a choking hazard. While the products are designed to replicate or mimic a product we stock and make, we cannot provide warranty, guaranty or give coverage on any of the products as the product is being made by yourself. It is essential to follow safety instructions to limit the risk of adverse reactions such as over heating wax that could cause burn/injury.