Clay masks is a great way to rejuvenate the skin, add antioxidants + minerals while revealing a fresh layer of skin.
Each clay carries different properties that are ideal for different purposes, areas + skin types.
The clay comes in powder form to prolong the use period. To create a mask, take approximately 1 teaspoon + add water until desired consistency is created. Once a paste is made, apply to clean skin with fingers or a brush + allow to dry.
Dry time varies on the weather, your skin + each clay. After approximately 20 minutes, remove with warm water + cloth.
Follow up with your favourite facial cream or simply with a touch of coconut oil.
Not all skin types are suitable for coconut oil, please keep in mind your skin type when applying additional products.
Clay Masks offered by Mimoso include:
Australian Red Clay: rich in iron + ideal for mature skin. This clay is combined with beige clay as pure red clay is too harsh to use on the skin and can be an irritant due to it's strong benefits.
Australian Olive Green Clay: known as one of the strongest clays + ideal for detoxification. Best suited for acne prone skin.
Australian Beige Clay: full of essential minerals. A sensitive clay for all skin types.
Rose Gold Clay Mask: a combination of clays to be kind to the skin, allow gentle exfoliation + be luxurious. Suitable for all skin types. This clay includes organic rose petals that have been ground + a gold mica for shimmer + glow.